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The Creative HDB: How to Maximize the Light in a Room in Your Home

The effect of light on the interior design for HDB of a room is often overlooked, but can have real impact. Here are some ways to introduce more light into a room to give it life.

Window Dressing

Make the most of the light coming through your windows by using sheer curtain fabrics such as voile. Another option is to use a Venetian blind which can be adjusted to let in more light. Of course, to maximize light, leave the window uncovered by curtains or blinds. A great way to get privacy and still let in light is to use window decals or films. They are available in a variety of designs to mimic the look of cut glass or stained glass windows. The stick to the window pane, obscuring the view from outside, but still let in light. This option is useful for a small bathroom where you want to maximize available light.

The Creative HDB: How to Maximize the Light in a Room in Your Home

Add More Windows

There are many clever ways to add windows to introduce light into a room, without making a big investment. A skylight, or window in the roof, is a classic way of fitting a window in a room where there is not sufficient wall space. A variation on this idea is a small round window, only about four or five inches in diameter which are placed at various points in the ceiling and roof. This allows a surprising amount of sunlight in. Of course, if there is enough space and your house structure allows it, you could also install a traditional window.


Mirrors amplify light by bouncing it around the room. A large mirror which reflects light from a window has a surprising effect. Not only does it make a room appear bigger, it makes it seem like there is more light.


There is a plethora of lighting methods available. Small recessed spotlights arranged evenly around the season give a soft, even light. In contrast, a chandelier provides a dramatic center light. To save energy and to give you more creative options, arrange for light sources to be turned on in sections. Small lamps placed throughout the room allow you to use light as you need it. Likewise, two switches that control different sections of recessed spotlight arrangements give you more control.

Maximize the effect of your light by aiming it where it is needed most; for instance use picture lights to highlight a beautiful painting. Use soft lamp lighting to illuminate an attractive piece of furniture.

These techniques for maximizing light in a room are simple to do but have a big effect. They make the most of furniture, paint color and furnishings – and that’s what design is all about. Learning how to maximize the light in a room is a fundamental skill for designers.